Asanas & Pranayama

Classes are available both ONLINE and  in the following studios:

Yoga Nieuw Vennep ; Nieuw Vennep

Sportcentrum Wu Dae ; Haarlem

Classes follow the Iyengar tradition, a method with precision, and detail that works. 

We use the body to reach peace in the mind and during the way as a side effect may be the body gets aligned and changes, the method works whether we are super healthy, feeling good or less good because there are always ways to adapt poses.

In a few words, Yoga benefits can not be explained – they have to be experienced

In class, you can count on personal adjustment. 

Prices & Registering for Studio classes

Prices for Studio Classes vary with each studio – see links to studios below for booking studio classes.  You will receive a link after registering for the online classes via Studio Nieuw Vennep.

Nieuw Vennep

Sportcentrum Wudae

Paula’s Class Schedule

Monday : 

18:00 – 19:30  –  In Yoga Nieuw Vennep Studio & Online (Intermediate level)

20:00 – 21:30 –   @ Yoga Nieuw Vennep Studio  (General level)


8.30 am – 9:45 – ONLINE  only (General level)


08.45 – 10:00  –  in Sportcentrum Wu Dae, Haarlem (General level)


18:00 – 19:30 – ONLINE only  (Intermediate level)

Sunday: Once a Month (see Nieuw Vennep schedule)

19:30 – 21:00 – In Yoga Nieuw Vennep Studio & Online  (Pranayama)


Online zoom classes

with personal attention/adjustments.

During these last years (2020 – 2022) of challenging times studios closed and we stayed home a lot, nevertheless  I kept doing what I love most; my practice and teaching, I learned about my body, about pains and joy, I experienced healing and resting and I started online classes with Jordi Martin, another beginning !

I learned about our immune system and what to do to keep it “working for us”.  I learned we are beings with a powerful healing system, we just need to keep it active. Together with yoga I dedicate part of my time to food and nutrition and how much it impacts our health. All this is nothing new for me, but I had more time to go deeper on it.

I feel grateful and blessed that I have the opportunity to take my time to do what I love, I am grateful I keep teaching and sharing in my favorite studios and I decided to start online classes and share what I have been putting together for so many years.

Initially I resisted a bit to this “online-zoom classes” but I was surprised to see that they work and to see that students improve their practice even with online classes.

Yoga is a light, which once lit, never dims. The better we practice the brighter the flame”

BKS Iyengar


For online classes, it is advisable to have some materials at home.  After your try-out class if you want to continue, having blocks, belt and yoga blankets makes a big difference.

Prices  & Register for Paula’s Online only Classes

(Tuesdays & Thursdays)

Contact me to register for Tuesday or Thursday’s online class.

You will receive a  zoom link by email.

Tryout Class


Single Class 

€ 13

5 Class – Card

(valid 1 year)

€ 50

10 Class – Card

(valid 1 year)

€ 90

What students are saying

” My teacher since 2003, I lost for many years due to geographical reasons. One year ago I found her on-line, with much more knowledge and very attentive to details. On-line classes work really well. My posture, muscles, balance physical and mental strength improved a lot. Thank you, Paula ”   –    Vanda Ranito

For 3 years I was joining Paula’s classes in the studio, I am positively impressed that online classes give me similar experiences. With Paula’s clear, detailed, and attentive instructions I am able to make all postures during the class. ”    –    Maria Petrova

” I really enjoy doing yoga with Paula online, it still feels very personal and the attention to detail she can observe on the screen, always amazes me”.     –     Aideen O’Rourke


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